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Welcome to Slots Simulator!

My name is Dave, and I’m thrilled you’ve entered my casino portal. It includes the information necessary to turn online gambling into additional source of income while avoiding possible scams.

I’ve been working as a casino dealer and a manager for the last seven years. However, my life has turned upside-down this winter. As well as hundreds of my colleagues, I lost my job due to a sudden COVID-19 pandemic. I realized that I had lost the only way to make money.

Nonetheless, I decided to use my hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the gambling industry to start playing at online casinos, and soon, I managed to succeed. At the same time, I realized the differences between various online casinos and gambling websites. I discovered the advantages and downsides of every platform. Due to my research, I came up with the idea of developing the ideal gaming website.

Unlike other similar online resources, my website doesn’t offer well-known information. It’ll provide you with practical insights necessary to avoid the unfair casinos and select the ones, where you can make a packet.

Nearly 80% of the criteria used in my reviews are based on my personal knowledge as well as on the experience of my dear coworkers, who also worked at VIP casinos. Plus, other information is provided by reputable sources.

In addition, I’d like to express gratitude to my bellowed wife, Victoria, for the development of this website. My online casinos portal would never exist without her help.

Please, take into consideration that you can always support this project with a donation, in case my content will be put to good use. My Bitcoin wallet number is: